Say Yes To Health and No to Fish & Chips

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I grew up in the United Kingdom and now live in the Western part of the United States. What a difference lifestyle makes in your overall health. One of my favorite foods was fish and chips. If you’ve been to London, I’m sure you’ve had a plate of this delectable dish. Eventually, I found that my cholesterol was rising and I wanted to manage it without taking a prescription if possible. So, I cut out all the foods on the naughty list, including my beloved fish and chips. a signature dishmy favorite food

 Over time I have become a strong proponent of health through living rightly. This doesn’t mean that I am opposed to going to the doctor, having the normal tests for my age, and if necessary, taking medicine. But, I really believe that we can control our overall energy and well being through our diet, exercise and lifestyle.

This blog is dedicated to a healthy life.