Ask Your Denver Nutrition Expert about Taking Supplements

While some supplements can definitely be great for you, it is still better to ask your trusty Denver nutrition expert about them. Here is what else you need to know:

  • You have to take great care when choosing which supplements you take. Your weight and lifestyle are not the only things that are important. Your age is too. Generally, nutritional experts recommend going with stronger supplements after you hit 50, since your metabolism will seriously alter your intestinal acid levels and enzyme production, resulting in supplements being harder to absorb.
  • It is important to always go with standardized supplements. You might save money by avoiding them, but you might do more harm than good. With standardized supplements, you know for sure that you will be getting the same effective dose.
  • If you plan on mixing supplements and vitamins, then it is always important to talk to your weight loss MD  has about it. Only he or she can tell you whether or not you can do it or what mix you need to go with to get the best results.
  • Some people also mix supplements with medicine. If you are taking prescription medication, then listen to your nutrition expert and go check with your doctor as well.