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Spa Treatments

Mediums Used in Massage Therapy

The success of massage therapy depends on several factors, with the correct usage of massage mediums among the most important. Here are some examples of products therapists use:

  • Gel – Suited for people with a rich secretion of skin oils, this medium is mainly used in the so-called “manual lymphatic drainage”, but also in other types of light massage. On one hand, the good slip of the gel allows the specialist to perform the moves specific to the technique. On the other hand, unlike other massage mediums, it does not have to be removed once the session ends.
  • Powder – Although not as commonly met as other massage products, it is used on a large scale in traditional Ayurvedic massage. In Western massage techniques, powder is used for massaging the scalp and feet. Most massage powders are based on natural herbal extracts. Arrowroot and fenugreek are some of the ingredients massage powders incorporate.
  • Oil – Frequently used by the massage therapists, it is suitable for almost all techniques of massage. Just like in case of powders, these products are made of natural ingredients, mainly plant and herbal extracts. A high content of vitamins, a good hydration and a great slip are just some of the advantages this massage therapy medium comes with.