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The Advantages Of Female Urologists: Why Do Women Find More Comfort In Female Doctors?

We are in the 21st century and there are still many male-dominated fields, in which specialized women earn less money or are discouraged to specialize. This is the case of urology, a medical specialty still largely associated with men (male doctors and male patients).

Statistics regarding women urologists in the United States

Recent studies show the same results: the urology field is lacking big time in gender equality. The number of females specialized in urology keeps growing, but rather at a slow pace (10% in almost 30 years); there are more than 9500 urologists in the United States and only about 10% are women.

Statistics show that female urologists are younger than their male counterparts, they are certified and more than 20% of them hold full-time academic positions. Before entering this field, most of them had male mentors or no mentors at all. Despite all their difficulties, 95% of female specialized in urology would encourage younger women to enter this field, which is a very motivational attitude.

Urology is not a field exclusively for male doctors and neither for male patients

The misconception is that urology deals with male issues, but in reality, it also deals with the entire urinary tract (kidneys, bladder…)- so with many organs that affect women too.

There are many advantages of female urologists, considering that there are more and more female patients in urology that seem to prefer to be consulted by female urologists. The increasing number of female urologists encourages women patients to seek medical help when it comes to urinary issues that used to be largely ignored before; urinary incontinence is probably the best example: the stigma has diminished considerably around this condition, since women have the option to discuss it with a woman specialist instead of suffering in silence and feeling too embarrassed to go see a male doctor.

Many female doctors specialized in urology, as soon as they enter this field and start their practice, admit that women patients flock around them. They perform a significantly higher percentage of surgeries on women – 60%, comparing to 30% performed by male urologists on women patients. Female urinary incontinence Houston specialists also tend to take most of the gender-neutral procedures.

Besides putting women at ease, the advantages of female urologists also address to men patients. Men are less likely to feel uncomfortable with female doctors, so as soon as they seek for medical advice and are satisfied with the medical services provided by a female doctor, they tend to come back.

In the last years, several women urology centers appeared across the country, where specialists and patients are exclusively women.

Common conditions treated inside these centers include kidney problems (stones, infections, cancer), bladder problems, pelvic organ prolapsed, interstitial cystitis and more.

The appearance of these centers constitutes a positive aspect and the number of females specialized in urology is expected to grow even in smaller cities where female specialists currently exist only very rarely.