Fighting Addiction With Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone treatment is a medication-assisted treatment that focuses on aiding the fight against the addiction to opioid drugs by suppressing the withdrawal symptoms and cravings and it does not induce euphoria for the patient. Medication-assisted treatment works as a controlled substitute for the opioids and forces an easier way to regain a normal state of mind.

Suboxone is the only opioid approved by the FDA for the treatment of opioid addiction and it has a variety of advantages, such as suppressing withdrawal symptoms and cravings (in comparison to other drugs used for this type of addiction such as Naltrexone). Another effect of Suboxone is that it does not cause euphoria in the subject and, because of this aspect, the subject is less prone to abusing it. Also, Suboxone is less dangerous in an overdose. It blocks any other effect of other opioids, for at least 24 hours. The treatment must be followed exactly as the doctor prescriped.

To get this treatment, patients can be offered prescriptions in a medical office; therefore it is not necessary that they commit themselves to a specialized clinic. Suboxone doctors in Ohio offers patients an easier way to cope with their addiction to opioids.