The Stages of Alcohol Treatment Systems

Completely relieving addicts from the bad habit dominating their lives is the main purpose alcohol treatment Denver centers are designed for. It is not easy to quit drinking in excess, especially for someone who has been doing this for years, so the process has to take place gradually.


Here are some of the steps a rehabilitation program usually includes:


  • Detoxification – For numerous addicts, suddenly ceasing the consumption of alcoholic beverages leads to serious health complications. Seizures, delirium tremens episodes and hallucinations are only some of the manifestations associated with alcohol withdrawal. During this stage, patients need constant medical attention, and they have to undergo a series of tests and treatments.


  • Rehabilitation – Medication administration and counseling are the two main components of this step. Recovering alcoholics get the necessary help for re-establishing social and family relations affected by their bad habit. Two types of strategies are implemented, separately or simultaneously: the outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation, both of them having the same efficiency rate.


  • Staying sober – It is often considered the most difficult stage of the program, since everything is up to the patients’ will. However, patients are not left alone in this trial, but they can rely on therapists and family members for help. Besides, all alcohol treatment systems offer former addicts the possibility to attend support group meetings, where they can share their experiences.